Edu app

Introduction of iOS application

NEW! Play with Beads

Touch beads scattered on the floor.Then the beads will start to paint!
Please enjoy what kind of picture.Even children who can not paint yet are OK!
A beautiful picture is completed just by touching and tracing!

Fireworks drawing

It's a great "drawing" and "fireworks" app
draw picture will be fireworks. Drawing app + Fireworks app!

Let's make the city!

Street, house, building, forest ... Other, please put the various types of icons on the map.
Let's make the "city" of your own! and Let's driving through the your town by car

Baby toy box / ball play

Baby nurture intelligence while play the app.
Simply tap the screen, pop out many kinds of ball, A variety of characters emerged and play happily.

Draw->Dance! Drawing the face

Draw->Dance! Drawing the face

Please be drawing a lot of face!
The painted face, dancing in various costumes!
By shooting the face of the family in the camera, When you have crowded draw such as beard and glasses... it is fun!

Energetic Cars 3D!

Do a drive to write the road. Can play sensuous is "children's car app".
The road can be in the painting sensation and tracing the screen. You can you can build a tree house or the car or call a screen tap.
Operation through the eyes of the car. Operating freely in the accelerator and brake and steering wheel!