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Privacy Policy


We is aware of the importance of protecting children’s privacy. This privacy policy sets forth the information that is collected, used, and managed by the Company’s smartphone application. The Company assumes that children aged 13 and younger will use the application, and the premise is that the children’s parents or guardians have granted permission to use the application.
Use of the application shall be deemed agreement to the Terms of Use and the provisions of the Privacy Policy by the parent or guardian.

Information Restrictions

We application shall not request, collect, transfer, or sell personal information, such as name, address, e-mail address, credit card number, or social security number to any third parties.
In addition, the Company shall not obtain, use, transfer, or sell to third parties the photographs, contact addresses, or data from other applications that are included within the device.

Information Used by the Company

In order to ascertain the state of use of our application and improve services, the Company’s application uses information but individuals cannot be identified by such information. The information shall consist solely of the vendor authentication ID (IDFA), IP address, cookies, manufacturer, model, OS version, and time of use of the application.

About external links

This application contains links to external sites.
These links are to our company site or third-party applications,websites, etc., decided by advertising firms.

Information for Advertising Companies

In this application, advertisements within the application are provided by third parties and are uploaded to users’ smartphones and displayed while the application is used online. In order for the Company or third-party providers to display appropriate advertisements within the application on the smartphone and calculate the number of times advertisements are viewed, specific information from users’ smartphones may be acquired. The data obtained from smartphones includes the vendor authentication ID (IDFA), IP address, cookies, manufacturer, model, OS version, time, and the size of advertisements displayed, as well as responses when advertisements are viewed. The totals of such data may be disclosed to providers of advertisements within the application and parties other than those that the Company has licensed for transfers; however, such information cannot be used to identify individual users.

Advertising companies

The advertising companies that we currently use or plan to use, and each company’s privacy policy, are listed below. Please refer to the privacy policy of each advertiser about the handling of each company concerning the information we are providing.



By using the operating system settings, users may opt out of (reset and restrict) providing the vendor authentication ID (IDFA) to the Company and advertising companies. In order to opt out, please open the application and choose Settings – General – Information – Advertise, and then select Restrictions On Tracking Advertisements and Reset Advertising Identifier.

As for information transferred to advertising companies, some advertising companies have their own opt-out procedures. Please refer to each company’s privacy policy for further information.

Revisions to the Privacy Policy

We may revise this privacy policy. If it is revised, we will announce the changes in an application update. Please check the information. Please note that revisions will apply regardless of whether or not the user actually updates the application. If you do not consent or agree to the changes, please stop using the application.

Date of Update
This privacy policy was most recently updated on January 19, 2017.